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How to Add a Mosaic-themed Design to a Wooden-framed Wall Mirror

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Update a wooden-framed wall mirror by applying a mosaic-themed design to the wood by completing the steps below. Once you have completed the project, hang the mirror from a wall in your home that you would like to draw attention to. Materials plastic sheeting painter’s tape wood cleaner lint-free cloths ceramic tiles flat seashells plastic bag that seals safety goggles small hammer adhesive foam brush putty knife sand grout water bucket wooden spoon or stick sponge bucket of water paint tray clear sealant paintbrush Cover the Mirror, Clean the Frame & Prepare Decorative Items Cover the mirror with a piece of plastic sheeting that is secured with strips of painter’s tape. Clean the mirror’s wooden frame with wood cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Dry the frame with a clean cloth. Select ceramic tiles or flat seashells that you would like to use to decorate the mirror’s frame. Place the items inside of a clear plastic bag that seals and place the bag on a level surface. Put on a pair of safety goggles before striking the bag several times with the hammer. Once the tile pieces or seashells have broken into smaller pieces, sort through the items and pick out the ones that you would like to use to create a mosaic design on the mirror’s frame. Secure Tile & Shell Pieces Then Apply Grout Use a foam brush to apply an even layer of adhesive to the back of each tile or shell piece that you would like to secure to the frame. Press the pieces firmly against the wood. Place pieces close to each other and try to coordinate the pieces so that they create a colorful pattern. Wait for the adhesive to dry. Fill empty space between tile and shell pieces with an even layer of sand grout. Prepare the grout by adding water to the product if needed. Mix the grout with a wooden spoon or stick. Use a flexible putty knife to apply the grout to gaps between decorative pieces. Use a damp sponge to remove excess grout. Seal the Frame & Hang the Mirror Fill a paint tray with clear sealant. Apply the sealant to the mirror’s frame with a paintbrush. Use even strokes to apply the product over the tile and shell pieces. Wait for the sealant to dry completely before adding a second coat of the material. The sealant will provide the mirror’s frame with a shiny appearance. Hang up your custom mirror in any part of your home and enjoy your hard...

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These Factors Could Steer You Toward A Successful Career As A Life Coach

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If you’ve been considering a change in your career and are drawn toward the idea of helping others, you might be considering taking training and getting certified as a life coach. Many people use life coaches to help them with their careers, health, and even their relationships with family and friends. If you like the idea of working as a life coach but are trying to evaluate whether it might be the right career for you, it’s important to look at your personality and interests and see if they’re in alignment with this type of work. Here are some factors that could steer you toward life coach training and opening an eventual practice. An Ability To Listen Without Necessarily Offering Solutions Being a life coach involves a lot of listening, so you must feel that you’re adept in this area. However, while life coaches can definitely provide people with the tools that they need for success, coaching sessions aren’t all about telling your client what to do. Instead, you should be able to listen and allow the client to hear his or her own words, and then possibly suggest a solution. While you can certainly chime in with some recommendations of your own, you need to feel that you can converse without always telling the client what to do. An Interest In Ongoing Training While the initial training for life coaches is important, it’s also ideal if you’re keen on continuing to learn throughout your career. Many life coaches believe that learning never ends and are constantly taking new courses from different life coach instructors to expand on the value that they can offer to their clients. If you’re someone who enjoys the educational practice and, more importantly, wants to further his or her knowledge to help clients, this is a positive trait to keep in mind as you evaluate being a life coach. An Awareness Of Video Chatting Although many life coaches meet with their clients in person, others use video chatting software to connect with clients outside their city and state. If you enjoy the idea of incorporating video into your practice, you’ll be able to help more people—and grow your business. It’s ideal if you’re aware of how to use video chatting and keen on doing so, as you’ll be able to offer a valuable service that not all life coaches in your community may offer to their...

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Who Knew? Ten Things That You Can Rent For Your Wedding

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Before you go out to buy items and features for your wedding, check with a wedding rental company first. You can rent practically anything to make your nuptials live up to your dreams. You can save some money, too, by renting items that you likely will not use again. Ten things to consider renting for your wedding are: Your wedding dress. You can rent a tux, why not rent your gown? Wedding dresses are expensive, and many brides end up selling or giving theirs away later at a fiscal loss. Rent your dress and save the money for your honeymoon! The cake. Cake rentals are often offered by bakeries that are seeking to advertise and show off their services and products. Typically, you rent a beautiful foam cake that is inedible and used for appearances, and you cut and serve a cake that didn’t come from the baker or that you baked yourself. Your altar. Did you know that you can rent those cool arbors and altars? These are usually used for saying vows and for taking photographs. Check out the selection to find one that is cohesive with your overall wedding theme. Jewelry. If you want a uniform look among your attendants, consider renting jewelry for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear on your special day. Some great pieces to consider are cuff-links, matching necklaces, or even earrings. The flowers. Many florists will rent out arrangements for your ceremony or reception, and some will offer to deliver and pick-up the flowers afterward. This saves you money and gives the florist some valuable advertising among your family, friends, and guests. The bar. Looking to replicate the cool bar that you have seen at other weddings, in restaurants, or at your favorite pub? Rent one! Party rental businesses often have a variety of unique bars that you can lease for your big day. Fire pits. If your wedding plans include hanging outside with guests, dancing, or drinks, a fire pit is a warm, welcoming feature to have. Wedding rental companies can provide these fire pits for your affair. Local artwork. If you are looking for stylish and sophisticated décor at your wedding venue, consider renting some paintings, wall hangings, or sculptures from a local artist. You may need to reach out to area artisans to ask, but many are willing to do this in an effort to gain exposure for their creative masterpieces. Plus, this is a real treat for out-of-town guests! Four-legged attendants. If you have a sense of humor, consider renting beer burros for your wedding reception. These well-trained animals come decked-out and carrying beer to serve and circulate among your guests. Your wedding rings. It sounds crazy, but it is true: you can actually rent your wedding rings. These are usually offered by jewelers while you wait for your own rings to be sized or crafted, though some individuals rent in lieu of buying merely for the sake of the ceremony and tradition. Why buy when you can rent these items for your wedding? Talk with wedding planners and rental companies about the unique options for your big day! Companies like Alex Party Supplies may be able to...

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Three Great Reasons You Should Choose Swimming To Aid In Weight Loss For An Obese Child

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Hearing from the pediatrician that your child is obese is a punch to the gut. Obesity can lead to other diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Coming up with ways to help your child lose weight can be very overwhelming. Because your child is so young, an exercise routine is going to be tougher to figure out than an adult’s. Luckily, there is one activity that will get your child excited to burn pounds; swimming. Along with a proper diet, swimming will meet all of the needs that your child has on this journey to becoming healthy. Full Cardiovascular One of the best benefits of swimming is that it is a full cardiovascular exercise. Unlike other exercises like jogging or biking, swimming will require that your child use all of his muscles. Because your child is using all of his muscles, his lungs and heart must work double time in order to supply him with the oxygen that is needed. In order to be successful at losing weight, your child’s heart rate must be elevated to burn calories. Just having a simple swim around the pool will burn about five hundred calories per hour. Over time, once your child starts to get into the routine and build stronger muscles, he could burn up to seven hundred calories per hour. Build A Stronger Core Swimming also helps your child to build a stronger core and lean muscles. Swimming requires you to maintain a certain form while under water so that you swim properly. By working out these core muscles and using your arms and legs, you are building lean muscles. Your child will be learning to have a resistance to water by using his hips, arms, shoulders and glutes to push water. When your child starts to build this lean muscle, his metabolism will kick into overdrive, meaning he will start burning calories even quicker. Builds Stamina Regular exercise like running or biking will wear down on your child. Because your child is obese, simple exercises will take a toll on him because of the weight that is wearing down on his joints and bones. With swimming, however, there will be about eighty percent less weight getting in his way. If there is less weight, there will be less chances of pain and fatigue which means your child will be able to go longer without having to stop for a break. If there is less pressure on your child’s joints, he can swim longer and burn more calories. Obesity puts your child at risk for other diseases. A weight loss plan doesn’t need to stress you out or make you overwhelmed. By combining swimming with a proper diet, your child will be able to begin his journey to a healthier living style. Consider having him join a team like the Jersey Wahoos Swim Club and maybe he’ll even make some friends while getting his...

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Three Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Chairs For Your Big Day

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Planning a wedding requires you to consider a lot of intricate details in order to ensure that everything goes perfect on your big day. When you are planning your wedding, you need to consider where everyone will sit if you want to have an outdoor wedding. Renting chairs for the wedding is often the best option to consider because it allows you to get the exact number of chairs you need and rest assured that they all match. The following guide walks you through a few things to know when you are renting wedding chairs for your big day. Consider the Layout of the Chairs Outdoor weddings often allow you to arrange the chairs any way you choose for your wedding. You can choose to have the chairs placed in a circle so that all of your guests can see what is going on during the wedding. You could choose to have a square shape created or just stick with rows. You need to be sure that you choose chairs that are the right size to fit in the shape that you hope to create without everyone feeling as though they are knocking elbows with one another during the ceremony. Consider the Look of the Chairs You need to consider the way that the chairs look before renting them. There are many companies that have chair covers that you can rent for the chairs, as well to make them look classier. You can often rent bows too, so that you can tie in your wedding colors into the chairs. Consider the Maneuverability of the Chairs If you plan to have the wedding and reception at one location, you need to consider renting chairs that are easy to move from the ceremony area to the reception area. This way you will not have to rent two sets of chairs for the event. Collapsible chairs are often a great option because two or more of them can be carried by one person at a time so they can easily be moved when needed. The rental company will deliver the chairs for your event, but they will not set them up for you. You need to have someone there who knows how they are supposed to be set up to do the work for you before your wedding starts. Also, the company will come to pick up the chairs after the event, but you may be required to have them stacked in a specific location to ensure that the company can easily load them into their truck. Click here for outdoor furniture rental or do an online...

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Great Movies For Children: The Fox And The Hound

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Are you a parent with young children looking for the perfect movie to watch with your kids? If you are, then one of the best film choices available is “The Fox and the Hound.” This animated classic is certain to enrapture your youngsters along with you and any other adults watching as well. This article take a closer look at wonderful children’s film.   Synopsis  The story concerns the relationship between two friends: Tod, who is a fox, and a hound dog known as Copper. The two animals have a warm relationship at first, but things change as they get older. Copper tells Tod that because foxes and hounds are natural enemies, they can no longer be friends. The plot of the movie revolves around whether the two will ever be able to avoid being enemies. The movie ultimately has an uplifting answer to this question, which young children are certain to appreciate.  Moral Lesson  The movie is not only entertaining, but also has a great moral lesson for kids, which is the enduring power of friendship. This lesson is heightened even more because the two main characters are expected to be enemies by everyone around them. Your children will be able to apply this valuable lesson to their own lives. The film will help them to understand that friendship is something that every person needs in their life and that a strong friendship can surmount even the most difficult obstacles.  Reviews  The film has received generally favorable reviews for film critics. The Rotten Tomatoes website, which collects reviews from a variety of critics, gives the movie an overall positive score. For example, the reviewer for TV Guide’s Movie Guide said it was great entertainment for youngsters and parents alike. Another critic said it was “good-hearted and colorful.”  Quotes The film also has a number of interesting Fox and The Hound quotes from the characters that are certain to make an impression on children. For instance, when Tod asks Copper if the two will always be friends, Copper replies “yeah, forever.” Another moving quote comes when one character suggest to Tod that Copper is no longer a friend but an enemy. Tod replies “Oh no. Not my friend Copper. He won’t never change.”  The Fox and the Hound is a compelling animated film that teaches children about the nature of friendship, while also keeping them completely entranced by the stunning visuals. Do your child a favor and watch it with them...

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4 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Reception Hall

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So, you’ve recently gotten engaged and are now going through the process of trying to secure a venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. Congratulations! As you shop around for venues, there’s a good chance that you’ll notice big disparities between the prices and what’s included at each venue, which can make the choosing the right one a challenge. Before you sign any contract or pay a deposit for a reception venue, however, there are some things you must ask.  Do You Have an Exclusive Caterer? First and foremost, find out whether or not the venue requires you to use their caterers or if you can bring your own in from outside. If you have to use the venue’s catering, then understand that you’ll be a little more limited in your options. Also, you may have to pay a minimum dollar amount per person. Find out what that minimum is (if there is any) and whether there is a minimum number for guests. Are Linens Included? Another important question to ask is whether or not your linens are included in your rental cost. Often times, venues such as hotels and banquet halls will be able to include these at no additional charge, but less traditional venue options may not have linens readily available. As such, you will need to provide them for yourself, which can easily add a large expense to your budget. What is Your Service Tax? If your reception will be staffed by servers, chefs, bartenders, and other venue employees, then there’s a good chance you’ll be subjected to a service tax to cover these costs. Find out what your venue’s tax is so you can figure out how much this will add to your total fees. Often times, the service tax is a specific percentage of your rental total. Watch out, though; these taxes can easily add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your total costs. How Long Can the Hall Be Rented? Finally, make sure you know exactly how long you’ll have the hall so you can plan your reception accordingly. When will you and your vendors be able to show up and start getting ready? How long after the reception ends do you have to clean up the hall? Is it possible to pay an extra hourly fee to rent out the venue for longer? These are all important questions to ask before you sign your contract. Contact a company like Lake St Louis Banquet Center for more...

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Why Smart Casino Travelers Choose San Diego Over That Place In The Desert

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There are now many cities that have casinos. Some travelers may feel overwhelmed with options. Others may think that they are best off in that traditionally popular spot in the Nevada desert. In reality, San Diego is a rising star in the gambling industry. More tourists are choosing to head for this Southern California oasis over the Nevada desert and other locales. They have good reasons for doing do. Here are four reasons why San Diego is a wise choice for those contemplating a casino trip. Mexican Day Trips Are Easy Real estate agents always inform their clients that the most important things is location. The same is true in the casino business. And when it comes to location, San Diego beats all its competitors hands down. For those who want to do some international border hopping, San Diego is the spot. A short ride on the trolley from downtown and tourists are in another country. This border crossing is the busiest in the nation. Tijuana offers top shopping and dining options. The Airport is Inside the City Arriving in San Diego is a moment to cherish. The municipal airport is inside the city center, just a few miles from downtown. Passengers sit in awe as their plane passes right above the picturesque downtown skyline and bay area. Another plus to the centralized location of the airport is that it may only takes minutes to arrive at the hotel or a San Diego casino. Some of the Best Beaches in the World This area has some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Both Mission and Pacific Beaches are popular with locals and tourists alike. There is also the more secluded La Jolla Cove area in the north. Gamblers can take time off from the tables and slot machines to catch a few rays or waves whenever they feel the need. The Weather is to Die For Yes, it does rain in Southern California. Do not believe anyone who says otherwise. However, rain is not something that visitors should count on to spoil their vacation. No, the chances are that when in San Diego, the sun will shine and the temperature will be around 70 degrees. The city receives an average of 263 days of sunshine per year. Plan a Trip Now There is no better time than the present to begin planning a trip to a San Diego gambling casino. This city has more to offer than that once more popular spot in Nevada....

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Learning The Basics Of Casino Play

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No matter what your game is, there are some basic concepts you need to understand before you set foot in a casino for the first time. Not only will you enjoy yourself a lot more, but you won’t end up worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to pay your bills after your vacation is over. Learning to play a card game is one thing, but learning how to bet and gamble responsibly is quite another. Set Your Budget The first step in any vacation that has a chance of involving a trip to a casino is budgeting how much you can afford to lose while playing. Just like any other vacation recreation, planning ahead will ensure that you can still afford to do the other things you’d hoped to do while visiting. Both Las Vegas and Atlantic City have far more to do than just spend time in the casinos. A good way to avoid overspending while gambling is to purchase a prepaid credit card dedicated just to buying chips or playing the slots. This will keep you from dipping into the rest of your vacation funds if you start becoming overly ambitious in your betting. Avoid carrying any cash on you if at all possible, as this makes it too easy for you to spend what you can’t afford to lose. Besides, loose cash can be a temptation for other casino goers who might be down on their luck. Learn Responsible Betting Habits It’s easy to get carried away, especially if you win a few times. It’s just as easy to start chasing the adrenaline rush you get from those wins, no matter how big or small the dollar amount you win. A good way to curb your urge is to take regular breaks from the tables and stow any winnings back in your hotel room. Besides just getting away from the action for a while, you should also avoid ordering any alcoholic drinks while you’re gambling. Not all casinos offer this service, but many do so as a way of relaxing inhibitions. Finally, set a limit on how much you can bet or lose in a single sitting so that you know when you need to take those breaks. This is especially important if you only planned to spend a few hundred dollars in the casino for the duration of your stay. Operating a casino is a science, and the best use that science to their advantage. The best way to beat the house is to know your limits, and participate responsibly. Not only will you still have fun, you’ll walk away with more money in your pockets than you might have...

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Boost Morale With Corporate Boat Charters

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If your company is looking for an innovative way to boost morale among your employees and build a stronger bond with clients and prospects, consider the benefits of corporate boat charters. These types of excursions may seem somewhat frivolous, but they are actually an excellent method of helping your business increase its morale. They are a lot of fun, too! This article examines how to use corporate charters to run your company more effectively and improve your bottom line. Conferences Are you tired of having corporate meetings and conferences in the same old dingy and dull conference rooms at the office? For an exciting change of pace, hire a corporate boat charter service to take you and your colleagues on an enjoyable and diverting excursion. Getting out of the office is a terrific way to get everyone more focused and can spur creativity. When everyone is relaxed and having a good time, the creative ideas just seem to flow more easily. If you’re worried about staying connected to the office during your time on-board, many corporate boats and yachts come equipped with on-board communications equipment, such as Wi-Fi, to keep you in touch. Building Teams Employee teams tend to be more productive when a strong bond exists among the group members. What better way to create a strong team spirit than to charter an excursion and let everyone get to know each other better? Groups can develop closer relationships by engaging in team activities on board the vessel or by participating in various water-based sports. Reward A chartered boat excursion also makes a great reward for employees who have met certain goals or who have made important contributions to the company. By offering workers the chance to spend time on a charter cruise, you lift morale and also boost employee productivity. One interesting strategy in this regard is to allow workers to bring their families along with them. Workers might be even more motivated to receive this type of reward if they can share it with their families. Clients Charter boats also work well when trying to land clients or for keeping clients. What prospective client would fail to be impressed when you entertain him with an excursion on a luxury vessel with all of the amenities? In some cases, it might mean the difference between landing and account or losing it to a competitor. For more information, contact Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise or a similar...

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