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5 Ideas For Throwing A Fabulous Birthday Party That Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

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In your youth you may have thought that the best birthday bashes consisted of a freshly made cake from the local bakery and enough party hats for all of your friends to wear. Now that you have gotten older, your tastes have undoubtedly become more sophisticated. In case you need some direction on ways to throw a truly memorable birthday event, here are five ideas that will get all of your guests excited. 1. Plan A Poolside Birthday Party – With the right decorations a standard in-ground pool can be transformed into a tropical oasis. Whether you plan for your birthday party to take place during the day or night, poolside settings are always entertaining. Let your guests know that they should pack their bathing suits, plan to get wet and get the party started. 2. Hire A Live Band – When planning a time to remember, don’t forget the high end birthday party entertainment. Instead of making mix CDs or hiring a DJ, go for a live band that can interact with the crowd, shout out guests and make musical selections based on mood. You and your guests can put in special requests for certain songs to be covered, and you may even get the opportunity to get on stage and jam alongside of your hired musicians. 3. Make It A Formal Event – If you’re looking forward to a more stately event, send out formal invitations for a black tie birthday party bonanza. Make sure that your birthday party is held in an elegant banquet hall or another formal venue, and be very specific on what type of attire your guests should wear. You can have your party catered by a popular chef and feature high end birthday party entertainment so that everyone is able to mingle and enjoy themselves. 4. Celebrate Out On The Open Waters – If you don’t want your birthday party to be held on land, what better way to celebrate than out by sea? A small yacht can be rented so that your guests and yourself are treated to an exciting excursion on the water. Not only is a seaside birthday party memorable, it’s also extremely innovative. 5. Consult A Professional Party Planner – In the even that you have lots of ideas bouncing around your head but you aren’t able to settle on a particular theme, setting, or even the type of high end birthday party entertainment you want to hire, go with a professional party planner. Someone who plans parties for a living will help you to be practical about budgeting without dismissing your birthday party dreams and will give you more...

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Tips For Properly Maintaining And Repairing Your Arcade’s Pinball Machines

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Today’s arcades are usually filled with kids playing computerized games. While computer technology has changed the world of playing games, many arcades still make a great deal of money from pinball enthusiasts. If you own an arcade and have one or more pinball machines, taking steps to maintain them is extremely important. Some pinball machines are vintage styles and worth a lot of money, so caring for them is the best way to protect your investment in them. Put Together A Toolbox Just for Your Pinball Machines No job is easy without the right tools. If you are going to make any repairs on your pinball machines, you will need the tools for doing so. Be sure to include riveters, crimpers, and a stapler for attaching ground braids, a set of magnetic screwdrivers, and a set of files. You should be sure to have a scalpel blade, a utility knife, and extra scalpel and razor blades. In some cases, maintaining your pinball machine might include scraping off built-up debris from the playing field. Be sure to have a soft brush and 400 grit sand paper for removing debris that has hardened onto the surface of the playing field. Level, foam cleaning swabs and a drill with various bits is best to include in your pinball machine tool box as well. Purchasing a volt ohm meter is a good idea. You can find some toolboxes already put together at retailers selling pinball accessories and tools. Document Your Maintenance And Repairs When you start a repair on a pinball machine, taking the time to take photos of how the parts were before you begin dissembling them is a good idea. If you run a busy arcade and get interrupted during your repairs, knowing exactly how parts go back is useful, especially if you are a novice at pinball repairs. Keeping a notebook with all the images you take is best to save time if you have to go back and make some of the same repairs later on. Remember One Vital Aspect Of A Smooth-Playing Pinball Machine One part of your pinball machines that is absolutely vital for players to experience a smooth playing experience is the ball. The balls used in pinball machines are not expensively made and will get roughened with game play. When a ball has a rough surface, it can tear up the decals and art on the playing field. A rough ball can make it hard for smooth plays as well, especially the ones that involve bumpers pushing the ball into a desired pocket or up a ramp. Changing out your pinball machine’s balls as soon as you can feel their surface becoming rough is a good idea to keep your gamers coming back for more. Pinball machines have a certain nostalgic appeal and playing one can certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience. By taking the time to learn more about maintaining and repairing your pinball machines, you can ensure your players always have the best experience when playing. For more information, contact local professionals like Great...

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Two Things New Diabetics Should Know About Tattoos Before Getting One

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Many people dream about getting a tattoo. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, though, you may wonder if it’s still safe for you to get one. As long as your blood sugar levels are well controlled, you should be okay to get inked. However, there are a couple of things you need to prepare for before you head to the parlor. Choose the Tattoo Site Carefully One thing you might not realize yet is that diabetes can have a negative impact on your healing ability. High blood sugar levels damage the veins and nerves, which can cause poor circulation. This, in turn, can make it harder for white blood cells and other beneficial elements to get to the wound site, resulting in longer healing times. This means people with diabetes have a higher risk of infection when they get tattoos, so it’s critical you carefully choose where you get your tattoo. Make sure the parlor is clean and the artist uses a brand new needle for you. The shop should also sterilize the equipment and use disposable ink pots to avoid spreading diseases between customers. Lastly, only get your tattoo from a licensed and accredited inker. It’s also important to be careful about where you get the tattoo. You may want to avoid getting tattoos on your ankles, feet, shins, calves, or buttocks. Blood has to fight gravity to get back to your heart from these areas, so it may take longer to heal if you have poor circulation. You may be more prone to getting an infection in those areas due to this. However, every person’s body is different. If you’re fairly healthy and your doctor says it’s safe for you to get a tattoo in these areas, then go for it. Just be certain to adhere strictly to the aftercare instructions to protect your health. Be Prepared for Long Ink Times Depending on the size and colorfulness, tattoos can take several hours to complete. In fact, large and intricate designs can take several sessions over a period of days or weeks to do. The primary concern with long ink times is that your blood sugar level may dip while you’re waiting, putting you at risk for hypoglycemia. Many tattoo parlors don’t allow people to eat in their shops, so you either need to arrange to take a food break or bring along glucose tablets to help keep your sugar up. Also, sitting for long periods of time increases your risk of developing blood clots in your legs. Therefore, be sure to get up every hour or so and walk around for a few minutes to stimulate the circulation in your lower limbs. For more information about getting a tattoo or to make an appointment to get inked, contact the best tattoo shops in your...

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Is Script Coverage Right For You?

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Screenwriting services offer a host of benefits, including script coverage. Script coverage can provide you with an analysis of your screenplay that could be crucial in determining what your next step is. If you are unsure whether or not script coverage is necessary, here is what you need to know.  What Is Script Coverage? Script coverage is an analysis of your screenplay that involves a reading of your script and an evaluation of its quality. During the evaluation, every aspect of the script is evaluated, including the character’s names, the story structure, and your writing style.  The final evaluation given to you is usually in the form of a written report. The report includes a grade that indicates whether or not the play is ready to proceed to the next level or if it needs to be revised.  Is Script Coverage Beneficial? Script coverage is not a mandatory part of the screenwriting process, but it can help you ensure that your script is ready to move forward. One of the main benefits you get from script coverage is that you walk away from the analysis with an idea of what works and does not work with the script.  When you submit your script for analysis, a professional who has experience with working with a studio or major agency reads it. As a result, you have a professional who can help you understand what it is that agents and producers are looking for.  Even if your script is not completed, script coverage can help. The analysis provides you with a fresh set of eyes that can possibly provide some guidance on which direction you need to go.  Are There Drawbacks? Although script coverage has many benefits, there are some drawbacks. For instance, script coverage does provide an analysis, but it is not as detailed as script notes. Script notes tend to be very detail-oriented. By contrast, script coverage is a quick snapshot of your script. If you have previously had notes on your script, coverage is a logical step though. Script coverage also does not guarantee that your script will be snatched up by a production company or agent. However, it does help to ensure that you are putting the best possible version of your script out there for consideration when you are ready to. Consult with a screenwriting service to further explore the benefits of using script coverage to review your...

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3 Ways To Navigate Happy Hour If You Do Not Want Your Friends To Know You Are Pregnant

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Happy hour can be an excellent time to get together with friends or co-workers in a relaxed environment. However, since there are often expectations for you to take advantage of the alcoholic specials that your favorite establishment offers during happy hour, it can be difficult to mask a pregnancy. While you can order an alcoholic drink while you are pregnant, the American Pregnancy Association recommends refraining from drinking alcohol altogether. Here are three tips for enjoying happy hour if you do not want your friends to suspect that you are pregnant.  Feign an Infection It is generally recommended to avoid drinking alcohol when you are taking most antibiotics. If you do not want your companions to know you are pregnant but want to avoid alcohol altogether, saying that you are on antibiotics will give you an excuse to freely order virgin cocktails throughout the evening. It will also allow you to avoid alcohol for the next several days or even a couple of weeks without suspicion.  Concentrate on the Food  Happy hour specials often involve food as well as alcohol. By concentrating on the awesome two-for-one appetizers, you can potentially slip in your alcohol-free drink order without anyone noticing.  Say You Are On a Cleanse  Cleanses, during which you avoid certain foods and drinks for a week or longer, are becoming common. If you happen to be going to happy hour in the spring or summer, you can claim that you are on a cleanse in order to lose weight and get ready for the warm weather. Many people will respect this choice, but they might ask you questions about the type of cleanse you are on, so be prepared to answer them. Also, you may have to be careful about what types of food you order to keep up the appearance of your cleanse.  What doesn’t work? Talking to the waiter or bartender to tell them to give you a virgin cocktail even if you order an alcoholic one. This plan can backfire if the establishment gets busy and the bartender forgets or if one of your friends orders a pitcher or round of drinks for the entire group. If you are pregnant, you should still be able to go out and have a good time with your friends and co-workers. However, if you want to keep your pregnancy a secret for a little longer, you should plan a few creative ways to avoid alcohol while you are...

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Simple Etiquette Rules To Remember On Your Next Bus Tour

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Taking a bus tour is an ideal way to see a new city that you’re visiting or even have a relaxing afternoon checking out the sights in your own city. Without having to worry about traffic, directions or parking, you’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy the scenery as it passes. Whether you’ve booked a tour bus for a large group of family and friends or you’re with a few loved ones in the company of other like-minded individuals, it’s important to make sure that your behavior doesn’t interfere with other peoples’ enjoyment of the day. Here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind. Memorize The Travel Schedule One of the joys of taking a tour bus is that it will often stop at specified locations for you to check out for short intervals. If this is part of the itinerary, make sure that you’re acutely aware of the travel schedule so that you’re not late in returning to the bus. As a passenger, there’s nothing worse than having your tour put on hold because a member didn’t return to the bus at the right time. Make sure that you know the length of each stop and where the bus will be picking you up. Be Conscientious About Your Lunch If some of your stops give you the opportunity to grab a to-go lunch and carry it on board with you, make sure that you make a meal choice that is respectful of those around you. Meals and snacks loaded with common allergens aren’t very conscientious — for example, skip the peanut butter sandwich or the bag of peanuts, as someone around you might have an allergy. Additionally, it’s polite to avoid buying something that is overly fragrant smelling out of respect for those seated near you. Take Off What You Take On It’s important to also be respectful of the driver, and this means keeping your seat and the area around it as tidy as possible. The rule to remember is to take off what you take on — if you carry a bag of chips onto the bus at one stop, make sure you carry the empty bag off the bus to dispose of it at the next stop. Wait Until The Vehicle Stops To Stand Up Sure, you’re excited to see the next destination, but no one likes someone who walks down the aisle and stands at the front of the vehicle for five minutes leading up to the next stop. You’ll keep in the good graces of your fellow travelers by waiting until the vehicle stops, and then standing up and taking your place in line to disembark. For more tips, talk to a bus tour professional like Open Loop New...

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